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Understanding Vicarious Trauma

Nonprofit sectors are filled with committed, overworked social service professionals who help clients overcome various forms of trauma. One common occupational hazard of this profession is vicarious trauma, where the professional helper begins to show signs of the same wear and tear evident in their clientele. Their desire to care for and help their clients combined with feelings of empathy for their clients’ crisis or pain can create ideal conditions for vicarious trauma.

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Trauma Is Transformed

You are dying as you read this. You are also birthing something as you finish this. There are about 75 trillion cells in the human body. Each cell is individuated with a specific task and a life span. They die before “us” and are replaced with new cells. They also outlive us. According to Forensics specialist, when a person dies, their cells take another day or so before they are all dead. Essentially, we are in the state of an ongoing resurrection with parts of us dying being replaced with parts of us being born. No wonder I am not the same person I was last year.

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Are Specialized Trauma Therapists Necessary?

This is a good question.

My first thought is yes, a client that has experienced a significant amount of abuse should (hopefully!) receive better therapeutic care from a trauma specialist.  If you have the option to work with an experienced therapist who specializes in trauma disorders, snap up that opportunity as quickly as you can.

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